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Our plastic Euro rack: a classic design in a modern implementation. Euro racks are made to measure, so that they always fit perfectly into your storage space or cold room. Besides these, we also offer Euro racks in several standard sizes. Below you will find an overview of Euro racks in standard sizes. Euro racks fulfil all hygiene requirements and are easy to assemble due to their modular structure. The load-carrying capacity per metre run is 200 kg. The load capacity may be increased using extra uprights. If the storage is however lighter, the plastic racks may also be provided with fewer uprights. In order to be able to store small items without problems, plastic cover plates for the shelves are available; these also prevent leakage on to the shelves below. The flexibility of the system is demonstrated further by the fact that the length of the plastic racks can be adapted exactly to your needs. The maximum length of one rack is 4000 mm. The height of the spaces between the shelves increases in steps of 50 mm. The maximum space between the shelves comes to 500 mm. By means of special provisions, the spacing may be increased further. All plastic racks are provided as standard with free space underneath of 120 mm, but this may be increased entirely as needed up to 600 mm. The shelf depths of the racks increase in steps of 100 mm. Our product specialists will be glad to advise you. Below you will find an overview of our Euro racks in standard sizes.