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Dishwasher baskets and Techracks: custom-made product protection

Our washing baskets offer a unique 3-in-1 solution for fragile materials. One system for cleaning, storage and transport. The expensive contents are cleaned in the basket and then proceed without repacking in the same basket to storage or transport. Result: of course a spotless washing result, but also considerable efficiency and optimum space utilisation. Our dishwasher baskets protect breakable glassware and transport expensive china; our Techracks ensure the cleaning, transport and storage of high-quality metal parts.

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Dishwasher baskets 600 x 400
Baskets 600 x 400 mm
Dishwasher baskets 500 x 500
Baskets 500 x 500 mm
Dishwasher baskets 400 x 400
Baskets 400 x 400 mm
Other dimensions
Other dimensions
Glass crates
Glass crates

Custom-made baskets or racks

Every basket or rack is custom-made. The partitions and internal height of the basket are tailored exactly to the size of the contents. Every part has its own compartment and as a result is protected to the optimum against damage. Restaurants, caterers and hirers use our dishwasher baskets for the cleaning, transport and storage of glassware and china. In addition we supply Techrack baskets. These baskets are suitable for all cleaning processes, both with aqueous solutions and with chemicals. Techrack baskets are hence the ideal load carrier for fine mechanical and precision parts among other things in the metal industry, automotive, aerospace industry and electronics industry.

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Product overview dishwasher baskets and Techracks

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