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Insulated boxes

In an insulated box hot and cold products are maintained at the right temperature for as long as possible. Insulated boxes are used mainly in the food industry, pharmaceutical sector, care institutions, commercial kitchens and gastronomy. Heat-retaining containers and cold boxes have insulated walls and lid so the temperature loss during storage and transport is very low. With the addition of optional freezer packs the temperature loss can even be considerably delayed.

Thermo box, cold box and coffee container

There is a suitable insulated box for every application. For example soup, coffee and tea are kept hot in our drinks containers and in Gastronorm boxes foodstuffs retain their temperature in our Gastronorm insulated boxes. We also supply thermo boxes and cold boxes in Euronorm size. These insulated boxes are stackable and easy to transport on roll containers. In addition to these insulated boxes we also supply active designs with cooling motor or heating unit.

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